Irina Obushtarova is the CEO and co-founder of the innovation media The Recursive. She spent over 10 years in Austria, graduating from the University of Vienna with a degree in Journalism and Mass Communication. To fund her studies, she worked as a waitress for the first few years.

Irina began her professional career in media at popular Viennese transcultural magazine Biber. Later on, she joined the sales team of Kobza Media, formerly one of the largest groups of media & communication agencies in Austria.

In 2016, Irina makes her first attempt as an entrepreneur and co-founds WelcomeBuddy, a platform serving the needs of expats when relocating to Austria. In the course of her work, she observes more closely the migration trends in Europe resulting in massive brain drain in Bulgaria and Romania and decides to switch directions. In the same period, Irina develops her passion for the startup world and new disruptive business models.

Irina gained experience in digital marketing and sales working for various tech product companies in DACH. In 2018, Irina decides to move back to Bulgaria and the media sector, founding the first international outlet of Trending Topics in Sofia. Later on, she launches her own media project The Recursive. As an aspiring leader, Irina is currently responsible for the long-term vision of The Recursive as a sustainably growing media for the innovation ecosystems and emerging new economy in Southeast Europe.


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